How to earn money online selling e-books:

1.  Select a topic that interests you.

2.  Visit forums, Facebook groups, social media groups, chats, comments, and more to identify what the biggest "struggles" are regarding that topic/area.

3.  Identify that struggle and find a way to solve it.

4.  Then, present that "solution" in your e-book.

5.  Offer some pages "free to read" if they give you their email.  Use the free pages as a Lead Magnet.

6.  Write the e-book.  Save as PDF.

7.  Set up a website to sell e-book.  

8.  At website, share the e-books features (what it does) and benefits (positive results of the features).  Let's say you're writing a book about gardening, specifically growing herbs.  It's features may be:  Learn how to grow your own herbs even if you have no previous gardening experience and can only grow them in 5-gallon pots.  It's benefits could be:  Save money by growing your own herbs.  Enjoy fragrant aroma of herbs.  Make your meals delicious with the addition of fresh herbs.

9.  To help sell your "Gardening for Beginners" e-book, you could offer ...
"Gardening for Beginners" e-book 
Recipes using fresh herbs
Each month, one buyer will be selected to win a free packet of herb seeds mailed to their door
Buy the e-book within the next 72 hours and one random winner will win an herb seed packet and a 12-packet herb tray perfect to start your seeds!

As you can see by now, this is a fun and interesting way you can generate goodwill and demonstrate value to potential buyers.

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